When it comes to new technology, there are three groups of individuals, ranging from early adopters (those who always have to have the newest technology) to those who hate technology and are skeptical. One of the newer technologies emerging in recent years is keyless locks. While this technology was originally designed to be used on cars, the technology now includes keyless locks for both residential and commercial applications.

Regardless if you are a technology enthusiast, a business owner, or an individual who needs more security, keyless locks may be the answer for you. If you are trying to decide if keyless locks are the solution to your security needs, the experts at 614 Locksmith Columbus have a list of a few of the pros and cons to help you make a decision about whether or not to invest in keyless lock installation.

Pros of Keyless Locks

  • Locks are keyless…they don’t require a key! There is not much that is worse than arriving at the office early, only to discover that you have the wrong set of keys. Thankfully, with keyless locks, you don’t have to worry about making sure that you have your office keys, as you’ll still be able to access the building without them. There are different types of locks, some that use Bluetooth, others are touchscreen locks, keypads, fingerprint locks, and more! Depending on your needs, having a keyless lock might be a good investment.
  • Control from anywhere! Most keyless locks connect to an app on your smartphone. This provides you with the ability to control your building’s security from anywhere. If there is ever a question about whether or not you locked the office door on your way home, you can check it right from your phone. This convenience also allows for you to grant access to other individuals without having to pass out keys.
  • Have oversite on who is coming and going. Depending on the type of keyless lock that you install, some will send an alert directly to your smartphone every time someone uses the lock. Not only do these hi-tech locks notify you when someone uses them, but they will also tell you who was the last person to lock or unlock the door, and at exactly what time, too.
  • Grant temporary access. Furthermore, there are types of keyless locks that allow for you to create a limited-time access code. This provides individuals who have the code access to come and go as they please, during that time only. You have control over who gets the codes, and how long the code is good for. This allows you to have ultimate control over who has access to your building.

Cons of Keyless Locks

  • Not always reliable. While keyless locks might seem like the magical solution to security problems, they are not perfect. The technology that keyless locks use has come a long way since first introduced back in the 70s, but it still has room for improvement. Some locks have glitches that cause them to be affected by extreme heat or cold and not work properly. Because of this, most keyless locks have a keyhole for those rare occasions when they don’t work. So, be sure to always have your keys with you just in case.
  • Require batteries. In order for most keyless locks and their features to work, they require batteries. That generally isn’t a problem until the batteries die, and then your locks don’t work. Most batteries will last anywhere from six months to a year; lifespans are dependent upon usage, type, and security level.
  • The possibility of hackers. Any wireless device has the possibility of being hacked. This is just a fact that you must acknowledge when considering keyless locks for your building. Thankfully, the crime rates for keyless locks are extremely low, so you don’t need to lose sleep worrying about your keyless locks.

Keyless locks can provide peace of mind and additional security. If you are looking to install keyless locks on your commercial office, contact the professional locksmiths at 614 Locksmith today! We provide quality lock installation that you can count on to keep you safe!

614 Locksmith Columbus offers convenient 24-hour emergency locksmith services that can aid you in all of your locksmith needs. We also offer a full range of locksmith services. These include all locks and lock systems, intercom systems, closed-circuit TV (CCTV), buzzer systems, access control, wood, metal, and glass doors, gates and custom ironwork, as well as commercial and residential safes. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice or a quote for service.

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