Imagine coming home with your arms full of packages that you have been carrying around for a few blocks. Moving to unlock your apartment door, you realize your keys are still in your pocket. Now, you have to figure out a way to get into that pocket without dropping your packages.

Did you know that you can avoid this type of situation altogether? With a keypad lock, you have the convenience of punching in a code rather than fumbling for keys. As a Columbus locksmith company, 614 Locksmith has helped people all over the city realize the benefits of having a keypad lock over a traditional one.

Now, you can have a keyless lock that is safe and convenient. They are not just for businesses anymore. These affordable locks have several benefits for your apartment as well.

Keypad Locks Offer More Security

To enhance security, many people, maybe even you, have a deadbolt and a chain lock. Keypad locks, though, tend to have deadbolt strength, with some being even stronger than the typical deadbolt. Plus, they are pick-proof.

Keypad Locks Offer Changeable Codes for Family and Guests

With a keypad lock, you no longer have to find a hardware store to make spare keys to give out to friends and family. Once your lock is installed, you create codes for certain people, such as a babysitter, and then delete it. You can even give each family member his or her own code.

Keypad Locks Are More Durable Than Traditional Locks

A regular lock will wear down with use. Because of the friction of inserting the key, the inside of the locks become damaged, causing you to have to jiggle the key. A keypad lock, on the other hand, doesn’t have this kind of wear and tear, meaning it will last longer.

Keypad Locks Are Relatively Easy to Install

Best of all, the locks are relatively easy to install, and you can find a design that fits with your décor. Whether you want a simple design or a modern touchscreen, there are a variety of choices available.

Don’t let the person struggling to open the door with an arm full of packages be you. Get the convenience and security of a keypad lock. Choose 614 Locksmith to help you install a new keypad lock.

We offer a full range of locksmith services. These include all locks and lock systems, intercom systems, closed-circuit TV (CCTV), buzzer systems, access control, wood, metal, and glass doors, gates and custom ironwork, as well as commercial and residential safes. We will be happy to provide you with professional advice or a quote for service.

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